About Us

Who we are...

DefenseGearHQ was founded out of the loss of someone we love - by myself and my family as a social enterprise - give back company - to share safety and empower women.

This is our story...

On July 19th, 2016, Sierah Joughin (Ce) went for a bicycle ride in rural northwest Ohio to visit our family home. It was a six mile ride on a beautiful summer night.  Unfortunately, Sierah did not make it back to her house that evening. Sierah was kidnapped less than 500 feet from her front door. It was later learned that she had been murdered by a previously convicted violent offender. My family agreed that we would not allow Sierah's tragic death to go in vain and that we would do whatever possible to help keep others safe.

How we give...

Keeping Our Girls Safe, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, that was created out of this tragic event, has partnered with DefenseGearHQ to share personal safety with others. To honor Ce's legacy - DefenseGearHQ will donate a portion of the proceeds of all items sold to Keeping Our Girls Safe to assist in their mission.

Keeping Our Girls Safe's mission is to advocate, educate & empower women through community eduational programming and advocacy against violence towards women.

Our recent creation, patent pending, Angel In Disguise Self Defense Keychain is a special give back as it honors Sierah with an Angel Wings design. It is one of many products to come that will contribute to the safety and personal well being of women.

 Thank you for being part of making the world a safer place.

Bob Kolasinski, Founder & CEO                                                      

Retired Police Lt.

Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/KOGSafe